Friday, July 7, 2017

Health Benefits of Bermuda Gross

Bermuda grass is known by many names such as doob grass, durva grass, dog’s tooth grass, devil’s grass, conch grass and Cynodon dactylon. It is named as dog’s tooth grass because dogs search this grasses for its stomach ailments, hence the name. Cow, Cattles like to eat the fresh grass and it good for their body. Cynodon dactylon is grown in the tropical climate ranges between latitude of 30° S and 30° N. Doob grass has many health as well as medicinal benefits if taken by humans too.  Durva grass is loaded with medicinal uses that can be used as home remedies. Durva grass is used as antiviral and antimicrobial. In India, Bermuda grass is considered as sacred plant, which has great significance in ayurveda because of its medicinal as well as clinical properties. Cynodon dactylon can be used in case of many diseases. It is beneficial to wounds, piles, eczema, urticaria, injuries, eye problems, skin rashes, constipation, indigestion, constipation, mental debility, diabetes, epilepsy, vaginal problems, menstrual problems, gynecological problems, kidney liver problems.

Bermuda grass nutrition facts: Cynodon dactylon has lots of nutritional values. The bermuda grass is rich in calcium, phosphorous, potash, potassium, sodium, manganese, protein, enzymes, carbohydrate, fiber, flavonoids and alkaloids.
Doob grass for menstrual problems, Bermuda grass is effective in case of prolonged menstrual durations. It is suggested that to control heavy menstrual period, one has to take the juice of bermuda grass and honey 3 to 4 times a day.
You will get durva grass powder or tablets in your local markets, specially ayurvedic medicine shop.

Bermuda grass for acidity,  Durva grass is good in curing of acidity. To treat acidity, one should take juice of Cynodon dactylon (3 to 4 tablespoon) and water (1 glass) empty stomach in the morning. This mix is quite effective not only for acidity but also beneficial for stomach ulcer, colitis, and stomach infections. For stomach pain, it is recommended that one should drink doob grass juice (3 to 4 tablespoon) and little amount of ginger powder empty stomach in the morning. It increases the alkaline properties because of its alkaline nature and reduces acidity.
Doob grass controls sugar in Body,  In many recent researches, it has been proved that Cynodon dactylon has hypoglycemic effect thus helpful in controlling of blood sugar levels and reduces fatigue. Bermuda grass is also beneficial in prevention of disorders and conditions associated with diabetes. Doob grass juice along with neem leaf juice is good in normalizing blood sugar level. Even for chronic diabetes, the drinking of doob grass juice keeps the sugar levels in control. Drinking the juice empty stomach in the morning is good in normalizing the sugar level.Recent studies have proved that Bermuda grass extract carries considerable hypo-glycomic and anti-diabetic effects. Thus it is very helpful in treating diabetes and fights against the complication of diabetes.  The Bermuda grass is majorly known as immunity builder. It is supportive in maintaining good health and preventing infections. There is not side effects found but some times this my cause allergic reaction.  Doob grass is used to enhance immunity of the body. Cynodon dactylon contains a bio-chemical compound called cynodon dactylon protein fractions (cdpf), which helps to enhance immunity of the body. It is easily available and affordable immune booster and energizer. CDPF promotes immune-modulation by helping the body and optimizing the immune system.

Doob grass for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome: Bermuda grass is good for urinary tract infections. When the grass juice is taken with yoghurt shows good result for them who are suffering from piles and vaginal discharge. Doob grass is a good herbal remedy for Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

It help to recover from  Constipation,  Doob grass is helpful in curing of stomach related problems. Drinking the juice of durva grass with water is helpful to detoxify the body by releasing toxins from the body. It is good for acidity and normal the bowel movement thereby beneficial for constipation. It promotes regular bowel movement. Bleeding of gums and Doob grass: Bermuda grass is effective in curing of oral related health problems. It has adequate amount of alkaloids called flavonoids, which acts against ulcer. Taking of doob grass reduces the formation of phlegm and prevents gums related problems. Durva grass strengthens the teeth.  It helps to fortify the teeth and good to remove bad odour from the mouth (halitosis).

Skin rashes cure by Doob grass,  Bermuda grass is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory in nature. The paste of doob grass juice and turmeric powder is good to cure skin problems such as skin rashes, itching, eczema, leprosy and scabies.
Doob grass for RBC, Bermuda grass is good for anemic patient as it helps in the formation of red blood cells (RBC) due to adequate amount of chlorophyll.

Bermuda grass for nerves: Doob grass is good for nerves. It helps to tone the nerves. Regular drinking of Cynodon dactylon juice is good for the nervous system.
Cynodon dactylon for Obesity: Cynodon dactylon is good to control obesity and helps in weight loss. It is suggested that one should take juices of Bermuda grass twice a day to get good result.  Prepare a decoction of conch grass (doob grass) (3tsp), black peppers (4-6 in no.) and pinch of cumin. It is recommended that one should take it twice a day with coconut water or butter milk.

Bermuda grass for well being,  Doob grass has wonderful medicinal properties. It’s juices help to remove toxin from the body and acts as good detoxifier. It solves the problems related with muscle weakness and tones the nervous system. Thus, it is good for overall wellbeing.

Doob grass for phlegm removal: Bermuda grass is good to prevent cold and helps to remove phlegm from the body.

Cynodon dactylon for piles: Bermuda grass is effective in curing of piles and hemorrhoids. Boil the mix of doob grass (2tablespoon) and cow’s milk (1cup) for 10 minutes on a low flame. Strain the mixture, and drink after cooling it.
Bermuda grass for eye infection: Applying the juice of Bermuda grass over the affected eye region is good in overcoming eye infections.

Doob grass stops nose bleeding: If somebody experiencing nose bleeding, Cynodon dactylon is effective in stopping of it. For this, one has to put 2 drops of doob grass juice on the bleeding nostril.Doob grass for stress management: Walking on the Bermuda grass is a great stress reliever. One can also apply the Cynodon dactylon paste on the sole of the feet to get himself distress.Edema and Bermuda grass: Take the decoction of Cynodon dactylon root (10ml) twice a day to have positive result in case of Edema.

Syphilis cure by Doob `grass,  A mix is prepared from dried powder of Bermuda grass (1/2 tsp) along with boil water (1 cup). Take the mix twice a day to get rid of syphilis.Cynodon dactylon for diarrhea: Prepare a decoction of water melon (3 tsp) and conch grass (3 tsp). Take this mix half a cup twice a day to cure diarrhea.Conch grass for wounds: Conch grass is an effective herbal remedy to heal wound. Make a paste of Bermuda grass (2tsp) and garlic (1/2 tsp), bandage it over the wound.Cynodon dactylon as blood purifier: Make a decoction of Cynodon dactylon, betel and black powder in the ratio of 4:2:1. Drink 20 ml of the decoction in a day.Cynodon dactylon prevents cold: Make a decoction of cynodon dactylon, chirreta, and vetiver. Drink the 30 ml of the decoction once in day for good result in cold and cough.Conch grass improves breast milk production Most people have no clue about the many great health benefits juicing Bermuda Grass. This juice is a great alkalizing agent, helps with stomach acid and gastric ulcers, helps with diabetes, anemia, detoxing, congestion, strengthens teeth and bones… and it’s free food.”

Everyone knows about Bermuda Grass or Cynodon dactylon which grows all over the world (a constant pest that takes over lawns in some areas), but Bermuda Grass has many health benefits and has been used in Ayurvedic Medicine in India for thousands of years for many ailments… and the juice is also called Arugampul juice in India. The main significant property of Bermuda grass is that it is Alkaline. It helps to maintain alkalinity of blood. Arugampul capsules are available in ayurveda treatment.

It is also use for Hair Growth, Strange but fact take 1tablespoon of henna powder, arugampul powder and menthe powder and hibiscus powder. Add in coconut oil and let in the heat for 5 to 10 minutes. Filter it and use as hair oil, will give you best result.

Regular consumption of Bermuda grass juice helps to reduce obesity without any side effect. It is very beneficial for women as the extract of this grass helps to solve many menstrual problems. It also reduces headache and nausea during these days.Bermuda grass juice is useful in improving sexual energy.

How to make Juice – Take a large amount of washed Bermuda Grass tops without the roots and add coconut water or filtered water and juice in a wheat grass juicer. Drink the juice first thing in the morning, and do not eat anything else for a couple hours to make sure the juice has a chance to do its job without being diluted. A wheat grass juicer works well for juicing Bermuda Grass.

Alternate Method of Making Juice,  Bermuda Grass juice can also be made by using a regular blender and then straining the juice through a fine strainer or cheese cloth. Add a little honey or stevia if you like the juice sweeter, but fresh Bermuda Grass juice is very refreshing and tasty by itself.Powerful Mixture – Bermuda Grass juice mixed with a little fresh turmeric and a little honey or stevia is a powerful, refreshing, and soothing drink. Drink at least one large glass of Bermuda Grass juice daily on an empty stomach.